History of Aurora Nexus

The creation of Aurora Nexus came about in November 2021, with the merger of Lewisham Nexus Service and Aurora Options. Both charities have been supporting people since 1993 and, with similar values and vision, it was felt to be the perfect partnering.


History of Lewisham Nexus Service

Lewisham Nexus Services was set up in 1993 to support people with learning disabilites and/or autism to maximise their independence. The organisation was based in South East London.

The core belief of Lewisham Nexus Services was that increasing the choice and control people have over their own lives enhances their dignity and freedom and will enhance and protect the quality of their lives. A key element of having a good life is choice and control, and clear and timely information is needed for an individual to have either. Lewisham Nexus Services used a range of tools and methods of communication which are still in place in Aurora Nexus.


History of Aurora Options

In 1981 Eric and Andrea Mayo founded Aurora Options to provide residential accommodation for adults with learning disabilities. Their inspiration was Eric’s son, Stephen, who was a resident in the first Aurora Options service, Avalon House, which opened in 1983.

Most other learning disabilities services available at the time kept people in hospitals or village communities, with limited life options. In radical contrast, Aurora Options offered one of the first opportunities for people with learning disabilities to live in the wider community and do things most of us take for granted.

Over the years, Aurora Options developed organically in response to the needs and wishes of people we support and the requirements of local authorities. At the point of the merger we supported people within registered care, supported living, outreach. They also provided housing management, employment support and day services.