Case Study - Wills

This case study showcases the support of two service users to write their Wills using the Finance Policy to make complex decisions
Whilst preparing the financial assessment forms (as per the organisation's Finance Policy and Procedure) for two ageing people we support, it was recommended by us that Wills be put in place for them.
With both the service users' agreement, Age Concern (now Age UK) was contacted by us to provide the resource. Following a telephone call, it was recommended to use a self-written style will pack, which we purchased from a stationary store. Neither person supported held savings of more than £10,000 and it was stated that this would not be contestable if relatives wanted to challenge any decisions made and both have the capacity to consent to this.
We supported the people to research material that would help them through the process. A DVD was purchased about Will Writing from The Friendly Society – an organisation that makes DVDs for adults with learning disabilities. With their agreement, all the people in the service watched the DVD together and discussed the content. Several were upset due to the discussion around death and were individually supported through this by us.
We supported them to decide who to make beneficiaries of their possessions, valuables and money. Both can read and write and were supported by us to complete the forms. Both also have the capacity to make the decision regarding who they wanted as beneficiaries.
They were supported by us in determining who should act as executors. The executors were then contacted to gain their agreement.
As per the wills procedures and with their agreement, an independent advocate and a neighbour were called upon to act as witnesses to safeguard them from financial abuse and to support them to make an informed decision about the content of the will. They signed the wills and were happy that these are now in place. This will be reviewed with the people at their next review meeting and discussed in key work sessions in the event that they may want to change some of the details in their will.