Welcome to Aurora Nexus, empowering people with learning disabilities

We are committed to supporting people with learning disabilities and/or autism to maximise their independence.

We believe that increasing the choice and control people have over their own lives enhances their dignity and freedom, and will enhance and protect the quality of their lives. A key element of having a good life is choice and control. Clear and timely information is needed for an individual to have either. We have particular strengths and experience in supporting people with autism and people who may challenge services due to the complexity of their support needs.

Our Vision 

A world where people with learning disabilities or autism are equal in society and lead a good life.

Our Mission 

To deliver services that support people with learning disabilities or autism to lead fulfilling lives, be effectively engaged in the local community, feeling safe and involved.

Our Values 

Our Values are core ethics or principles that we will abide to, no matter what. They will inspire our best efforts and constrain actions. Over time they will improve our ethical character.
We are proactive, honest, professional and brave.
  • Proactive and innovative in everything we do.
  • Honest – We will acknowledge our errors and mistakes and foster an open and transparent culture, to learn from them and improve our future performance.
  • Professional - We will strive to be professional in everything we do.
  • Brave – We will support people to be brave and to take risks, we will be courageous in everything we do and we will do the right thing even when it isn’t the easy thing.

News and Updates