Winter Donation Drive

Friday 10th February 2023

Winter Donation Drive

Our Environment and Food Poverty Group has been busy discussing how we as an organisation can make a positive impact on the environment and food poverty in our local area, and how the people we support can be encouraged to be more aware of what is happening in Lewisham during the cost of living crisis. 

As part of their work, the Environment and Food Poverty Group have been running a donation drive throughout the winter to collect supplies for homeless people and people living on benefits in Lewisham. Since December, the group has been collecting hats, scarfs, coats, gloves and sanitary products for donation.

To date, the group has donated 50 packs of sanitary products for homeless women, 10 winter coats, 8 hats, 6 pairs of gloves and 10 scarves! 

Collections are ongoing, and we would like to recommend Kath's Place, based on Friendly Street, as the place to donate any unwanted items. 

Part of Lewisham Local, Kath's Place is a food pantry and charity shop selling new and secondhand goods to help fund local initiatives that support people living on a low income.

If you are a local resident and would like to contribute to the Environment and Food Poverty Group's donation drive, get in touch with us today!